O.P.I. offers quality, pofessional nail polish in a very extensive selection of colors, textures and styles.



MATRIX, the leading professional hair care and hair color company in the United States, is part of L'Oreal USA's Professional Products Division.  MATRIX offers a wide range of hair care, hair color and hair texturizing products including: Biolage, Amplify, Sleek.look, Vavoom, Curl.life, Color.smart, Opti.smooth, SOCOLOR and Color Sync.


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CND Shellac 

Whether fingers or toes, nails are fashion—the perfect accessory to an outfit or that subtle flash of indulgence defining a personal look. CND's formulas allow professionals to consistently create nails that are unique and expressive.



Kenra products are distinguished by using a
blend of pharmaceutical-grade and cosmetic-grade ingredients that provide
extraordinary performance. Kenra products
are highly recognized for reliable, consistent
performance and have universal appeal and application. 


Dream Catchers

DreamCatchers are no ordinary hair extensions. Made of the finest hair, they can be styled, permed, and colored - allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair.

Most other hair extension companies de-cuticulize the hair leaving it course and sometimes unmanageable. To ensure DreamCatchers elite quality, we leave the cuticles intact giving them an incredible silky manageable quality and feel that will truly amaze you. DreamCatchers will enable you to transform the appearance of fine, lifeless or short hair into thick, long, beautiful looking hair. What’s more, we don’t use any damaging glues, waxes, chemicals or weaves as do most other hair extension systems.


Sexy Hair           

The brand is a favorite of Hollywood’s leading entertainment-industry stylists, including the hands behind the hair on Desperate Housewives, Big Love, Entourage and Dancing with the Stars. Big Sexy Hair is the company’s original and still most popular line, which began with volumizing Root Pump™ Spray Mousse in 1999, followed by Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play™ volumizing hairspray several months later. It is the company’s signature product in the distinctive “big red can,” and currently the number one professional hairspray in North America.
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Hot Tools

The #1 brand of styling tools in the professional beauty industry.  Hot Tools offers hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, styling irons, hot air brushes and more.

Our Specialty Irons provide stylists with the right tool to create a wide variety of special curl types that are popular in today's hair fashions, along with select flat irons for straight sleek looks.



Oxidation is the process that results in the formation of free radicals, the culprits which appear to cause aging. Malibu productsare built upon the philosophy that if you manage your oxidation, you prevent the formation of free radicals, thereby slowing the aging process and the signs of aging.

Malibu offers products for hair, skin and scalp care.



The luxury brand, Moroccanoil®, is the originator and leading manufacturer of professional Argan Oil hair products and the fastest growing independent company in the professional salon industry.

A powerful antioxidant and UV protector, Moroccanoil’s proprietary Argan oil blend is rich in vitamins and natural elements that fortify the hair, including Vitamin F (Omega 6), Vitamin A to improve elasticity, Vitamin E to protect against free-radicals, and Phenols to shield against environmental stressors.

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FHI HEAT® has transformed into an award winning and celebrity adored beauty brand offering the most technologically advanced Hair Care and Tools on the market today.



Redken 5th Avenue NYC Professional Salons Hair Products. Haircare, shampoo, conditioner, treatments, hair color for men & women.